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Fitness Links


Home Based Business Opportunity
Join the Wellness Revolution with your own Home Based Health and Nutrition Business

BFY Sports & Fitness


Athletic Web Magazine

Custom Bodies- Weight Loss Programs & Personal Fitness Training
NASM certified pros provide inspiration and information on personal training, health and exercise.
 Free fitness tips, articles, research, fitness calculators, tools. "Ask Your Trainer Forum"  shopping and links

Craig Scott Walker's Health & Fitness Web Page
FREE, informative tips on building muscle, losing fat, nutrition, workout
routines, links to FREE fitness tools, list of gyms and races in Victoria BC,
and more!!!

Don Lemmon's KNOW HOW! 
 Nutritionist to celebrities and pro athletes. Specializes in fat loss, obesity and bodybuilding. 
Some of the World's best built  physiques  use this system 
and over 100,000 people are members of his FREE newsletter.

Dustys Health Resources
Providing the very best selection, price and quality for your
health, fitness, nutrition, diet, weight loss and exercise needs.

Links provided to sites that will enhance  general good health 


e-Weight Loss & Fitness Exercises
100’s of ‘how to’ pages and photos!  The internet's most comprehensive and completely FREE resource for weight loss and fitness exercises.  

The Fitness Fusion
We believe that being healthy and physically fit isn't just about looking a certain way, 
or being able to fit into a certain size. 
 It's about the mind, body, and spirit functioning in harmony.
  It's about being active so that we can enjoy life.

* Top Rated Fitness Videos On The Market!
* Complete Blueprints For Sculpting A Lean, Muscular Physique
* Muscle Building Workouts & Fat Burning Meal plans

Fit Over 40
Role Models For Anti-Aging, Weight Loss and Fitness Excellence.
Former obese couch potato reveals simple but powerful anti-aging, fitness and weight loss secret,
and 50 inspiring success stories prove it will work for anyone, at any age - 40, 50, 60 & beyond!   
 Fitness information for industry professionals and enthusiasts.
 Choreography exchanges, video clips, spinning database, 
fitness articles, sample programs, personal training tips
 and much more! 

Fitness Connection
Health and fitness search engine
 for beginners, fitness enthusiasts, and advanced athletes.
Passion for the quality of life. Visit and sweat!  

The Fitness Network - offering Fitness Articles, Supplement Reviews, Bodybuilding Forums, 
Bodybuilding Tips, and Free Weight Training Programs
The best of tai chi, yoga, meditation and chi kung. Breathe easier, breathe deeper with 4 Minute Fitness! 

High Energy Fitness: The premier site for
women's fitness on the net. - Health Vertical Portal 






diet health fitness
Resources that make a difference 

 TAX FREE and discounted shopping for US residents and
shipping to both Canada and the US on all fitness products including HR
watches, Stability Balls, Tubing and much more.  


Sports Speed
Sports Speed, Etc. is a dynamic athletic development program that focuses on improving athletic movement through clinics and programs. Sports Speed specializes in speed, strength, agility, resistance, and endurance training. (please link to

Time For Fitness 

Free weight loss programs, nutrition, products, recipes and more!

The TudeFitness Exercise Zone
Lots of exercise advice with a goal of making exercise fun. 

ZAP's Gym
 Training and nutrition information, a message board and newsletter, 
links, supplement sales,
 online personal training, and health and fitness software
"Hundreds of graphical exercises and professional workout programs."

An online fitness magazine packed with fitness information 

Fitness Online

Fitness Magazine

Mens Fitness

The President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports

Muscle & Fitness Magazine Online

Amy's Fitness

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Health & Fitness Sports Magazine

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